"Physical discomfort is the enemy to consistently enjoying an active life."
- An anonymous sage

Hello, I’m Erik Kreider, co-founder of Astral Organica along with Bryan Burke, who's my best friend and adventure compatriot. We became interested in CBD a few years ago and started developing products for our own relief after skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, hiking or long days standing at work. We started sharing them with our active friends, they loved them too and started asking for more. So we decided to share them with the world. We continue to use what we make.

Bryan is the primary reason we’ve launched Astral Organica, as it was he who called my attention to the wonderful power of the CBD molecule with all its naturally potent effects and benefits for maintaining an active, engaged lifestyle. 

He’s always appreciated my effort in bringing safe and effective products to market, and suggested I begin working with CBD on similarly innovative formulas that no-one else is doing and that we ourselves would use.  Astral Organica is the result, and we’re always working on the next product.

After years of testing, we bring an atypical set of skills to the CBD product marketplace, and a fresh perspective on creating truly innovative, functional and quality products that our less-creative competitors just haven’t realized as a viable approach.

I’m a Stanford biochemist, pharmaceutical scientist and serial entrepreneur, a world expert in sunscreen product development with extensive experience in transdermal drug delivery and certified organic ingredient formula engineering. I’ve run my own businesses for 15 years, and have developed an ethic of ‘common sense biochemistry’ in all products I design. This common sense relies on the simple observation that if you want to maintain your health and longevity, you shouldn’t put anything on (which often gets into) your body that it doesn’t naturally use as a nutrient or building block. It's that simple, by design. Since skin is extremely permeable to nearly all small molecule petrochemicals found in mass market personal care products, it’s very important to avoid dumping these petroleum-oil chemicals into your body. Mass market products can be compared to an oil spill in the estuary, except that estuary is YOU.

Bryan believes in living a full life; he is a hardcore technologist, with degrees in computer and electrical engineering and
applied physics. He’s an adventurer to the core, avid skier, pilot (SEL, MEL,
instrument), and the smartest guy I know. Professionally he has helped companies in
computer design, telecom, robotics, medical devices and tech, bring life-improving
products to the market and volunteered mentoring children in computer skills. Like me, he also has decades of experience working with FDA in various faculties, including submissions of in-vitro diagnostic and patient physiological monitoring medical device applications. Formerly he helped a company out of consent decree with the FDA and was actively recruited by Amazon for his consummate leadership and technical talents to build software development and quality assurance teams here in Denver and did that with great success until his commitment to Astral Organica.

Together we’ve created Astral Organica to offer you the personal care products we use, with and without CBD, that have unsurpassed quality, peerless functionality and unwavering consistency, and back our claims with transparent independent laboratory analysis. We want you to feel as confident as we are about integrating our products into your daily personal care routines, use them as often as you like, and share them with your family and friends as we do. 

Here's to maximizing our relief, enjoyment and pursuit of adventurous longevity!

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