Medical Professionals

Formulation Philosophy

Skin is our largest organ and is permeable to most fat-based chemistries. That’s great if you want to boost your skin's health and absorb beneficial CBD and other nutrients. It’s terrible if you don’t want to absorb petroleum-based ingredients that our bodies don’t know how to process.

Historical formulation chemistry makes use of many synthesized petrochemicals that are blended together in a complex mixture to achieve minimum functionality at maximum profit. This approach results in ingredient lists that are difficult to pronounce much less understand.

Instead Astral Organica selects rich, certified organic oils that Mother Nature has naturally made complex with a wide range of wonderful nutrients, vitamins and antioxidant biomolecules. Our formulas are created with Common Sense Biochemistry™ in mind: present are only what’s necessary, nothing that’s not.

Astral Organica uncompromisingly uses best-in-class certified organic ingredients. It simply makes sense to protect our and your health in as many ways as possible. Astral Organica offers innovative, premium products, unavailable anywhere else, with THC-free, broad spectrum CBD.

Magnesium and CBD

Both Magnesium and CBD act against pain and swelling via increasingly well characterized biomolecular pathways; Astral Organica's topical MG+CBD product elevates wellness and enhances post-operative outcomes. The CBD Astral Organica uses is THC-Free and broad spectrum: it’s non-psychoactive, eliminates the concern for a positive drug test, and retention of the minor non-THC cannabinoids enhances its utility.

CBD has the same chemical formula as THC but a completely different chemical structure and signaling effects; it's safe from a dosage perspective, free from dependency concerns and readily transdermally bioavailable.  Inclusion of ionic magnesium, which is critical to nervous system health, promotes relaxation, attenuates the biomolecular events that cause neurons to fire, and provides additional mechanisms for increasing recovery and overall well-being after surgery, injury or a challenging day. These benefits are delivered topically in an antioxidant-rich moisturizing cream made with certified organic ingredients which readily absorbs.

Astral Organica Uniqueness

Leaving the pack, Astral Organica differs from most CBD companies: 

  • AO founders have career spanning experience producing pharmaceutical-quality, functional products that meet or exceed the regulatory requirements governing CBD products. This enables AO to create products that consistently deliver results batch to batch
  • Co-founder and Chief Formulation Scientist (Erik) has a Masters in Biochemistry from Stanford University and developed topical drug delivery systems for a bay-area pharmaceutical company for 5 years
  • Co-founder and CEO (Bryan) has multiple engineering degrees from Case Institute of Technology and spent 27 years in medical device engineering/management (Bell Labs, Ortho Diagnostics, SmithKline Beecham Clinical Labs, Roche Diagnostics/ IGEN, BioVeris, Covidien/Somanetics & Boulder’s Prima-Temp). Additionally he helped Terumo Cardiovascular Systems out of FDA consent decree
  • Astral Orgnaica’s wellness products are formulated by us using Common Sense BiochemistryTM and manufactured in-house with best-in-class certified organic ingredients in AO’s FDA registered, cGMP, (NOP, NSF-305) certified-organic Louisville, CO facility
  • We have been shipping organic products world-wide since 2005 under our branding (and tens of others through private labeling)
  • Each product is beta tested for over a year before being made available for sale
  • Astral Organica only markets topical CBD products - it’s the best way to get targeted relief where it’s needed (without excessive dosing required to pass downstream of the stomach and liver)
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